still lake waters

Sunday evening stress prevention

Do you ever find yourself becoming distracted as Sundays wind down with thoughts about the upcoming work or school week? As long as I remember Sunday evenings represented the end of carefree days and anxiety would start creeping in as I anticipating the upcoming school (and later work) week.

Sunday evenings were always my worst night of sleep as I’d allow my mind to race thinking about the pressures that faced me in the coming week. Instead of embracing a new week with joy I’d feel anxious or nervous and imagine all that could cause me stress in the coming days.

How freeing it is to meditate, to slow the mind, to breathe and invite calm.

Try this meditation from Boho Beautiful. It invites you to be the creator of tomorrow, to move forward leaving today behind in relaxation.

I wish I’d found meditation sooner but at the same time, I’m glad I found it – in my time!

Enjoy – Namaste!


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