image from Pixabay

Taking a break from stress

Over the years and as I age, I find I’m increasingly less stress-resilient. Being the mother of a son who has experienced mental health issues, addiction and who has been suicidal, sometimes, it seems the world is a cruel place. My own anxiety in these moments can overwhelm me. It is then that I have turned to meditation to invite calm and peace into my life.

If you feel stress is taking over your life, maybe it’s time you give meditation a try. Invite calm and peace into your world. Even if your calm lasts only as long as the meditation, you’ll feel the benefits.

I suggest giving this guided meditation a try, Meditation For Relaxation ♥ 10 Min Of Peace, Calm, & Tranquility by Boho Beautiful. This calming meditation encourages your to gradually relax into the meditation and centre your breathing and concentration. The gentle nature of this 10-minute meditation will soothe your stress away!