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Learning to let go

My second-oldest son is preparing to move out on his own. Of course I embrace this  stage in his life, to become independent and to enter the next stage of his life. Along with the excitement of seeing my child spread his wings and move forward knowing I’ve given him the best foundation I can on which he can build his life, a part of me feels nostalgic remembering all the magical times we’ve shared.

I’ve never been one to wish any stage of their childhood away or rush to get to the next. I celebrate his ability to move forward. A part of me though feels like he’s still my little boy but I’m ready to let go. To let him live his own life – knowing I’ll still be a part of it.

Life is like that isn’t it, we let go of things and move forward. As Le-Anne Peters says in A Beautiful Letting Go Meditation, even the seasons come and go and we must let them. Sometimes we try to hold on to the old but we need to let the cycles come and go and appreciate all the experiences and situations that help to shape us in our lives.

Her meditation guides us to relax and let go. It’s freeing and calming at the same time. I encourage you to give it a try – it’s a bit longer than some of the ones I’ve provided previously. It’s 15 minutes or so that you can invest into peace of mind. Enjoy.


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Finding forgiveness

As a mom, my expectations of myself are almost unachievable. I want to have the right answers, I want to respond to my kids and my husband with the right tone, and the right words. I feel badly when I fail. Sure, logically I know I am far from perfect and I can’t live in regret and for the most part I’m pretty comfortable with who I am. But when I fall short of my expectations I tend to replay how I should have done things differently.

Similarly when someone hurts my feelings, the hurt runs deeply. I can recover much more quickly if they apologize or at least acknowledge it but if it goes unnoticed by the person who hurt me, it’s harder for me to let go.

Mediation can help. It can free you from the guilt of falling short of your own expectations and free others from the hurt you carry within.

The following video from youtube: Forgiveness Guided Meditation – Forgive others, forgive yourself By Jason Stephenson is less than 30 minutes. Jason eases you into the meditation that is focussed on forgiveness. Forgiveness is like a gift that you can give yourself and others. I encourage you to experience this gentle meditation that speaks to awareness. 

May you remember, as life presents challenges, to forgive yourself and others and embrace peace.