sunrise over lake

Unlock Creativity

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling that you have creativity locked inside you, I suggest meditation. Meditations can unlock your creativity, encourage you to let go of the self-judgment that sometimes blocks you from allowing your ideas to flow.

Fear of the judgment of others can also be a block to creativity. It’s so important to clear the blocks and open yourself to freeing your ideas and letting them flow.

Filling yourself with peace and love can help cultivate the energy inside of you. Once you can let go of your expectations and just allow your energy to be and to flow, creativity may follow. It can be difficult to let go of fears, judgment but pushing this out of the way and allowing love to guide you may release your ability to create.

Creativity isn’t exclusive to art or writing but it’s also about creating the relationships you seek and the life you want. Creativity can be how you choose to view a situation, how you find solutions and how you manage day-to-day challenges.

I particularly enjoy Image Making Meditation for a Surge of Creativity with Gabrielle Bernstein ~ Monday Meditations presented by Hay House.  This guided meditation is under 10 minutes. It encourages relaxed acceptance, explores comforting images and ends with a simple encouraging message.

Give it a view!



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