Dipping your toes in the waters of meditation

Do you ever find yourself resisting starting something that makes you uncomfortable? Is it tough to jump in to the deep end of something new?

Asked to create a video, I felt that fight or flight instinct kick in. I allowed myself to feel nervous, to resist, wishing I didn’t have to do it and then I decided to ease in gently by using screen capture software.  It was very challenging. It didn’t seem to work and even as I wait for the video to upload to YouTube, I’m unsure if it will work.

It’s kind of like that with Meditation. You just gently ease into it and hope that it works. If it does nothing more than carve out some quiet time to relax, isn’t that worth it?

In this video I talk about finding meditation resources including a book called Quiet Mind, A beginner’s guide to meditation. In this book I learned about Tonglen Meditation. It is said that “in tonglen practice we are cultivating the same tenderness of heart that started the Buddha himself on his journey to awakening.”

Tonglen is about breathing in heavy, dark energy and breathing out light, refreshing energy. I have found this meditation makes you feel like you are contributing something positive even when you might feel powerless.

I hope you are getting more comfortable with meditation. Why not go on YouTube and enter Tonglin Meditation.  If you find a good one that you enjoy, please share it in the comments.




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