Ragged Falls near Algonquin

Give Yourself A Gift

Sometimes the fast pace of our lives, the demands of jobs and family can make us feel that there’s no time to take care of ourselves.

Meditation is a gift we can give ourselves. Allowing ourselves to imagine positive things can be so life changing just as imagining the worst can limit our happiness.

Mediation can help us get in touch with our imagination and can teach us to use our imagination for good, for focusing on thoughts that bring love to us and encourage us to give love to the world.

While longer meditations are wonderful, short meditations can be just as powerful. Perhaps your workplace is stressful and perhaps you find yourself feeling depleted by mid-day. Why not take 5 minutes to rejuvenate? Give yourself the gift of meditation. Sit in your car, find a quiet room – surely you can find five minutes in your day to imagine positivity!

I love this mediation called The Five Minute Miracle – Daily Guided Meditation by Beyond Purpose on YouTube because is short, but very sweet! Give it a try. Give the gift of meditation to yourself; it will only cost you five minutes!



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