Loving kindness meditation

The next step

One of the first meditations I tried after I became more comfortable was a Metta Meditation. I found this time of mediation to be empowering. It made me feel like my meditation had significance and meaning. A metta meditation is also known as a loving kindness meditation. For me, it helps to feel connected to a positive purpose. If you’d like to learn more about this type of meditation, visit Metta Institute.

While I admit some of the guided meditations seem a bit airy-fairy, a bit – out there, I assure you that if you can put your skepticism on a shelf, and allow yourself to participate, I think you’ll experience the calm peaceful kindness that enters your core – your soul.

In the following 10-min Guided Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation posted by infusedbybeauty the guide invites you to come up with an image or phrase representing kindness. Perhaps you might like to prepare before you try the meditation so you can enter the meditation with ease.

Infusing kindness

I really enjoy metta meditations that promote sending kindness to others. Here’s a blog post that describes my experience with this in the past. The words of this meditation really resonated with me:

  • May I be Safe
  • May I be Healthy
  • May I be Happy
  • May I live with Ease

It almost seemed to have the feel of a prayer and it brought me peace.

I found an example of this meditation that you might also enjoy by Kirsten Johnson  (@richerXperience) called Metta Loving Kindness Guided Meditation. Kirsten adds a few extra words and extends the thoughts somewhat. With wonderful calming background music, Kirsten guides with ease in this beautiful meditation. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of experiencing this relatively short meditation. Enjoy; find peace!


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