Meditate with Intention

Meditate with Intention

It is on my heart today to share with you another meditation tip that was a powerful technique for settling myself into meditation gently, allowing myself to experience it without self-judgment. That technique is to create an intention for yourself before you begin. Perhaps you already have something in mind to focus on.  But if not, something that consistently works for me is selecting a card from a deck of Angel cards.  My favourite cards to use are Doreen Virtue’s Angel Astrology Cards.

Using Angel Cards

It’s important to create an area for meditation that is comfortable and quiet. Many people find lighting candles helps create a relaxing mood. Others like incense. Whatever appeals to you, ensure you are comfortable to promote relaxation. Once you are comfortable, you might choose to open the cards and shuffle them through your hands. When a card pops out of the deck or falls from it, take that card and read it. Absorb the main thought of the card and then use that thought or word from the card as your intention for meditation.

Breath in deeply, filling your lungs, pausing and slowly breathing out. Repeat this thought and allow your mind to relax. Think about your intention. It is okay if your mind wanders but when you notice that happening, you can bring gently guide your thoughts back to your meditation.  A previous meditation guide told me, “Focus on your breathing, if your thoughts wander acknowledge them and bring yourself back to your word.” I share with you one of my first meditation experiences and how the angel card worked as an effective meditation technique.  This post appears on another blog and is linked here for illustration.

You don’t have to purchase Angel cards; you can do a free reading on Doreen Virtue’s website to use as your intention. Alternatively you may have found a quote, a word, a bible passage, nature, or even an image or photograph that inspires you.

Meditate, LIve Purely

meditation quote from Mystic Mermaid

Intentional meditation

Meditating with an intention will help you make the most of the moments you gift to yourself, enriching your calmness and centering yourself in meditation.   A guided meditation that illustrates meditating with intention is A Meditation – Intention of the Heart – by Dr. David Simon. A little more than ten minutes, this calming meditation by the Chopra Centre co-founder gently guides the listener/viewer to focus on the heart and nature and absorb wisdom and calmness.


Meditating invites beauty into your heart and soul and I hope your experience with meditation brings that to you, intentionally.





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